Rules & Regulations

  1. Rights :
    The organizers reserve all rights in connection with India International Travel Exhibition (IITE). As per the rules and regulations, the term "Exhibitors" shall include all employees, staff and agents of any company, partnership firm or any individual to whom space has been allocated for the participation.

  2. Allotment :
    i) Booth (s) shall be allotted on FIRST COME-FIRST SERVE BASIS and at the sole discretion of the organizer.
    ii) The booth(s) allotted should be used solely by the participants for display of goods mentioned in their application form, subletting of booth(s) or displaying goods not covered by the original application form will not be allowed.
    iii) Booth(s) will be handed over to the participants before 7 am on the opening day of the exhibitions.

  3. Space Alteration :
    i) No alteration to the size or position of an exhibitor's stand is permitted without the prior written approval of the organizer.
    ii) The organizer reserves the right to modify the layout of booth sites and gangways.
    iii) The organizer reserve the right to require exhibitors to make such alterations to their booths, as to the setting of exhibits as they reasonably feel necessary to maintain an acceptable standard of presentation or to avoid interference with the displays of their exhibitors.
    iv) Conversion, often allocated shell scheme, site to a free design is not permitted.
    v) While reasonable fixings may be made to the flush plywood walls of the shell scheme, no alteration to the fascia structure of the format is permitted. Any attempt to do this will involve the reinstallation of the original structure at the expenses of the exhibitor or his agent.
    vi) The displays should not overhang the booth area allotted, no displays are permitted on gangways, fire points, extinguishers, or emergency exits.
    vii) Designers are particularly requested to avoid design, which block or interrupt in other exhibitor's booth.
    Viii) Sharing of stall strictly not permitted.

  4. Terms of Payment and Cancellation :
    100% advance at the time of booking of the booths, payable by Demand Draft (D.D.) drawn in favour of India International Travel Exhibition, Bangalore. No refund after booking/confirmation of the stall(s).

  5. Insurance :
    i) Insurance of the exhibits and the booth will be the responsibility of the individual exhibitors/participants. ii) The organizer shall not be responsible in any way to personal injury to the exhibitor or his staff, agents, public, invitees or licensees, however caused.

  6. Consequential Loss :
    In case of the show being cancelled or suspended in whole or in part for causes not in the organizer's control like Rain, Fire, Riots, Strikes, Earthquake or any other natural calamities, the organizers do not accept any liability in any such eventuality. No Refund and No Substitute in case of event being cancelled, postponed or suspended in situations which are beyond the organizer's control or any other natural calamities.

  7. Default On Payments :
    The organizers reserve the right to cancel any reservation of space in the event and exhibitor not having paid the dues of rental charges as stipulated on the rate card. Payment already received will be forfeited in such cases.

  8. Space Not Occupied :
    i) Every exhibitor shall occupy the full stand area booked by him. ii) Should an exhibitor fail to take up the stand allocated to him the organizer reserve the right to deal with the booth so unoccupied as they think fit.

  9. No Subletting :
    The Exhibitor may not assign or grant licenses in respect of the whole or any part of the booth. Cards, advertisements or printed matter of persons, firms who are not bonafide exhibitors will not be exhibited or distributed from any booth except that an exhibitor may distribute cards, advertisements or printed matter in respect of companies or firms, which are subsidies of exhibitor or the exhibitor's ultimate holding company.

  10. Security :
    Although a 24-hour security will be in operation throughout the show, the exhibitors should take all precautions to minimize loss or damage to the equipment outside of show open hours. The organizer is not responsible for loss of any personal belongings like: Bags, wallets, laptops, mobile phones, etc.....

  11. Electrical Installation :
    All on site electrical installation must be carried out by the officially appointed electrical contractor before the connection to the mains supply. The stall lights and power points will run on Diesel Generator sets throughout the event. Any failure in services, the organizer are not liable for the losses.
    JURISDICTION : Any dispute between the organizer and the exhibitor is subject to jurisdiction of the court of Bangalore only.