We have christened our Magazine, a monthly, 'CORPORATE OUTBOUND' with business & leisure travel as the tag line.There are umpteen travel and tourism journals and magazines which are more focused on the leisure and entertainment part of tourism. Ours is the magazine for the B2B traveler committed to serving the MICE segment, which provides us the cutting edge.

The traveling CORPORATE Honcho sweating it out in brainstorming sessions in the conference hall and open house needs to have some fun and frolic to avoid the corporate burnout. He needs to burn his calories in wellness Spa or Scuba Diving and be back fit as a fiddlestick to face the rough and tumble of the corporate turf. We look forward to catering to this aspect.

The world economic forum that goes into summiteering every February at Dewas in Switzerland offers a message to ponder, both in terms of the venue and the season. Switzerland with its snow – capped Alps provides the right mood to the summiteers. And the added season of spring makes the whole show ideal. After debating and deliberating the participating nations go a-sight-seeing. This crucial summitry sets the tone and pattern for the Annual fiscal budget that follows immediately. Taking his cue from this the B2B Traveler plans his holiday inland or abroad combining business with leisure. On the sidelines of business confabulations he takes time out to relax and recreate, only to bounce back with a bang at his corporate desk.

Differing form the footloose, fancy traveler whose only motive is wanderlust, the B2B traveler has a definitive purpose, namely, to sign MoU's, to clinch business deals, and so on. To cater to him in particular we are unleashing from our stable CORPORATE OUTBOUND with the tagline business & leisure travel.

Committed to broadening our canvas to cover tourism and travel with apt news, notes and articles besides providing information on destinations, airlines, frequent flyer programs, hotel booking, travel products and services etc., all running to 32 pages with colour plates we are positioning our magazine in the segment where the B2B traveler can turn to, to look for what, where, when, vis-a-vis MICE.

For the advertiser we can say that our Magazine has longer shelf life. So an advertisement in it tends to elicit inquiries and business. For the reader it can serve as a reference dossier.

While striving our best to be tourism / travel friendly we hope to rope in every agency / individual involved in this business, say from the floor level to the ultimate level.

With this vision and goal we approach you soliciting your help, support and cooperation to team up with us in this endeavor.